Meet the team

Dianne Conley


Mobile 0413 561 247 | Office 07 5455 5015

Dianne has lived and worked in Noosa as an interior designer since 1997, completing renovation projects and designing interiors for private and holiday homes, offices and retail spaces.

Then in 2008 Blink Living was created and now with a team of ten, Dianne oversees the business, remains hands on and enjoys steering the ship towards new and exciting adventures, the latest being our beautiful retail space at Blink HQ in Noosaville.

Peter Lillies


Our Director Pete is the go to man for all things fixable and has his own repair shop where legs are put back on, tops sanded etc. He is available to help the team in any way and often finds himself at an installation offering donuts and cheerfully encouraging everyone to work faster!! He also does lots of important business stuff.

Jess Brown


Mobile 0450 608 919 | Office 07 5455 5015

Jess came to us over 9 years ago after moving from Sydney with her small family where she worked as an interior Architect. In that time we have seen her take on the role as head designer and lead us along with her amazing enthusiasm and can do attitude. Her energy and commitment to Blink is unwavering and we are all inspired by her vision and talent.

Shana Warner


Mobile 0430 732 360 | Office 07 5455 5015

Shana is a ray of sunshine here at Blink but don’t let that fool you. She is unflappable (so far) and manages to breeze her way through a massive workload with a smile. Her enthusiasm, energy and passion for design make her a truly awesome interior designer. Shana is also great with clients wishing to put together a furniture package and she has a great eye for that perfect piece.

Nick Counsell


Mobile 0497 008 795 | Office 07 5455 5015

Nick has been working at Blink Living as a property stylist for 4 years now and has proven time and time again to create the most stellar environments which continuously receive rave reviews from homeowners and real estate agents alike. Nick’s enthusiasm and passion for design sees him as one of our most valued team members. He is truly a rockstar!!

Kirsty Cranswick


Mobile 0449 599 183 | Office 07 5455 5015

Kirsty has been with us here at BlinkLiving  for 3 years now and her attention to detail, ability to think outside the box and passion for design has been vital to our team and has allowed us to create unique and stunning spaces that have exceeded our client’s expectations.

Her ability to work collaboratively with our team and client’s has made her a valuable member of our company.  Kirsty’s dedication to our clients and commitment to producing high-quality work has made her an integral part of the Blink team.

Liz Conley


Mobile 0436 476 126 | Office 07 5455 5015

Design Assistant does not come close to describing Liz’s role at blink Living. She is everyone’s go to person including our customers who will find her answering the phone most days.

Coming from a role as personal assistant to the rich and famous in LA Liz is now managing our new and existing clients with professionalism and charm. In her spare time she also is an artist and mum to furry son Charlie.

Joss Cornelius


Mobile 0416 782 084 | Office 07 5455 5015

Joss is our amazing warehouse manager, keeping operations running smoothly and playing musical chairs with trucks. Joss is also the master picture hanger and lives by the rule measure twice, hammer once.

Keeley Brimmer


Mobile 0459 390 173 | Office 07 5455 5015

Keeley has been a member of the Blink Living team for one year. Initially joining us as the Social Media Manager, she has seamlessly transitioned into the role of Interior Design Assistant while continuing her content creation responsibilities. During her university years, Keeley concentrated on Communications with a major in Advertising, establishing a strong foundation in marketing and social media. Her career trajectory then shifted towards her passion, leading her to successfully complete a diploma in Interior Design and Decoration at Billy Blue College of Design. Keeley’s dynamic presence in the workplace reflects her lifelong dedication to being an Interior Designer.

Carla Figlioli


Mobile 0450 398 857 | Office 07 5455 5015

Carla has a flair for versatility and a keen eye for detail. Since joining in 2023, Carla has been a pivotal team member, excelling not only in leading installs but also in supporting fellow designers and managing various aspects of Blink Living’s operations. With a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration, coupled with a Certificate 4 in Fashion, Carla brings over two years of experience in property styling and private client engagements, particularly in styling Airbnb spaces. Her favourite aspect of the job is the dynamic nature of tasks, keeping each day exciting and fulfilling, while the physical demands keep them energised.

Logan Jones


Mobile 0418 785 378 | Office 07 5455 5015

Logan Jones, a burgeoning stylist from the Sunshine Coast, brings her vibrant energy to the Blink Living team, effortlessly blending creativity, approachability, and professionalism. Having relocated from Brisbane, where she served as the head stylist for top design firms over the last four years, Logan has harboured a lifelong passion for real estate since her youth.