No deposit. Great results. Now

Property styling consistently achieves higher property prices, faster.

PAY-LATER will help you get the most for your property with no up front expense – no deposit, no repayments for 107 days and great results.

PAY-LATER is a deferred payment plan, allowing you to style your property for sale, and defer payment for 107 days or until your property settles (which ever occurs first) giving you the ultimate in flexibility when selling your home.

Take control of how and when you want to pay for property expenses with PAY-LATER.

Fast application project

All you need to complete the online application is five minutes and your Australian drivers licence or passport.

The application is usually processed within the hour, helping you move forward with up to $50,000* to spend on:




Furniture purchase to keep

In fact, anything to improve your home’s value

 * To approved applicants, conditions apply.

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