Styling Mount Coolum Property

Styling the dream property

Our property stylist, Nick Counsell, recently worked his magic on both units at Jarnahill Drive, Mount Coolum. Within a single day, he transformed these Sunshine Coast properties for the market, creating two distinct looks despite their similar floor plans and features. The primary difference between the properties lies in the kitchen pendants, prompting Nick to tailor this unit’s style towards a modern coastal aesthetic. It was crucial for Nick’s styling to harmonise with the unique features of this unit, such as the fittings and bathroom finishes, embracing a modern approach while still reflecting the coastal charm of the Sunshine Coast.

Selecting designer furniture

Given the focus on a modern coastal aesthetic for this unit, highlighting modern  design was paramount. Introducing black accents in coffee tables, chair legs, cushions, and lighting choices became key. For instance, in the downstairs living room, the coastal furniture style was evident with the choice of a white linen sofa, while touches of modernity were infused through abstract black-and-white cushions. Throughout the home, darker features were strategically integrated to complement the coastal pieces, enhancing the overall sense of luxury and designer appeal in the space.

Staging key rooms

The living rooms were undeniably the focal points of this property styling, seamlessly connecting the surrounding spaces and embodying the home’s design aesthetic. Downstairs, the living room stands out as a prominent feature upon entering the hallway. Similarly, the upstairs living area serves as the central hub linking the bedrooms, providing the sole open space for gathering upstairs. Styling these areas to their fullest potential was imperative, considering that potential buyers would immediately notice them upon entering the house or ascending to the upper level. Demonstrating the configuration of the space and showcasing how scale can be utilised effectively was essential, coupled with styling that enhances the beauty of the space and encourages imaginative visualisation.


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