Minyama Island

Styling the dream property

For this specific project, we collaborated with Next Property Group to style and furnish a five bedroom, five ensuite home on the Mooloola River. Reflecting the modern and architectural design of the home throughout the property styling was crucial. While incorporating modern and sophisticated furniture into the interior design, it was important to ensure they don’t distract from the stunning floor to ceiling view of the river.

Selecting designer furniture

Our stylist Kerri Hobbs, curated the styling process of this home, making meticulous use of our exquisite stock from the warehouse. She opted for high end designer furniture such as GlobeWest to uphold the quality of the home throughout the styling. Contemporary furniture selections were chosen, along with large rugs to fill the space and luscious cushions to add luxury to the ensuite’s bedding schemes. For this large scale home it was important to maximise the area and show the potential use of each space whilst also not cramming the design and allow the grandness to increase the property value.

Staging key rooms

Given the home’s large open-plan living area, it was crucial for our property stylist to nail this design as it is such a key feature to the home with the look out to Mooloola River. It was key to use an extravagant lounge that compliments the tones of the interior, with a large scale rug to accentuate the grandness of the home and add a soft finish to the tile flooring. Key rooms of the home also include the ensuites as they are all grand with king sizes beds, we had to reflect this luxury in our bedding schemes and décor items. We utilised plush Baya rugs, voluminous rugs and grand bedside table and lamp combinations.


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