Vivida Noosa Heads

Styling the Dream Property

For the Vivida project, our property stylist, Nick Counsell, collaborated with Adam Watts from Century 21 and Trevor Bourne, the developer, throughout the construction process. Together, they formulated proposals for property styling and also presented options for furniture package purchases, catering to those new owners interested in furnishing their apartment for holiday rental. The styling approach focused on highlighting diverse living scenarios and conveying a comfortable lifestyle. This goal was successfully achieved, as the buyers from New Zealand are currently organising a turnkey furniture package, ensuring they can seamlessly arrive in Noosa and enjoy their holiday without any hassle. Presently, in the Vivida complex, we have successfully styled two properties and another project is scheduled to commence in March 2024.

Selecting Designer Furniture

Given the modern nature of the property, the furniture selection process wasn’t solely about aligning with the building and Sunshine Coast’s style. The envisioned effect of interior design, as determined by Adam and Nick, aimed to employ sophisticated and straightforward furniture to convey a lifestyle that clients could easily replicate or be inspired to invest in a furniture package. In this project, Nick curated a blend of oak and black timbers, complemented by neutral soft furnishings.

Staging Key Rooms

The primary focus for this project involved the key rooms, particularly the main living/dining area. Given the nature of the property being an apartment, the size of the space plays a pivotal role in influencing a buyer’s decision. It was essential for our stylist, Nick, to skillfully convey a lifestyle without overcrowding the area with furniture or implying that certain items are impractical to fit. He opted for furniture suitable for apartment-style living and accessorised strategically to infuse character without adding bulk to the space.


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