In the dynamic world of the interior design industry, an abundant amount of designer slang often comes into play. You might find yourself wondering, “What exactly does that mean?” Whilst terms like property styling and furniture package are commonly heard, there’s also another term that you might come across: “turnkey home.”

What is a Turnkey Home?

A turnkey home refers to a fully furnished and equipped residence that is ready for immediate occupancy. The beauty of this service is that a qualified interior designer is by your side the whole time guiding you through the process. From sourcing designer furniture, to delivery, installation and styling, you can have your whole house furnished without lifting a finger. Hence the name ‘turn key homes’, you are able to walk into your home, holiday apartment, investment property, serviced apartment or hotel/resort fully complete as soon as you walk into the space for the first time.

The Appeal of Turnkey Homes

This service is perfect for individuals relocating to a new state who require their home to be fully furnished promptly. It’s also ideal for those wrapping up an Airbnb property and seeking a professionally furnished look without the hassle. Moreover, it’s a great solution for investment properties located in different states which require comprehensive furnishing to maximise their appeal. A turnkey package takes the burden off your shoulders and ensures your space is beautifully and efficiently furnished to meet your specific needs.


Benefits of Turnkey Homes for Buyers’

Superior Sellability

In a competitive real estate market, a turnkey home can stand out as a valuable offering. Turnkey homes are naturally appealing, attracting a wide range of buyers seeking a hassle-free move-in experience. That means more interest and potential for a speedy sale.

Reduced Holding Costs

By preparing a property as a turnkey home, sellers can reduce the time the property spends on the market. This minimises holding costs such as mortgage payments, property taxes, and utilities.

Streamlined Selling Process

The absence of negotiation over repairs or updates streamlines the selling process of a brand new home. Sellers can avoid lengthy negotiations and delays, resulting in a quicker and smoother transaction.

A turnkey home offers the convenience of walking into a fully furnished and design living environment, allowing you to start living comfortably from day one including everything from a kettle to a gorgeous sofa. Lucky for you, Blink Living provides turnkey home services along with furniture package and property styling services. Get in touch today with our designers on 07 5455 5015 or email