Design Timber Furniture: The Perfect Blend of Nature and Art

Have you noticed the presence of timber, more and more commonly used in modern interior design? Timber seen in designer furniture has many benefits and lucky for our readers, countless reputable designer brands offer high -quality timber that is easy to style in your home. Visit our Furniture Store in Noosa to explore unique timber furniture of the finest quality or enquire about Customised Furniture Packages with our expert team.

Benefits of styling your home with designer timber furniture

Timber is such a beautiful material to utilise in your home as it’s the perfect blend of nature and art. Besides from aesthetics, designer timber furniture has benefits that other materials cannot compete with. Timber can be painted, sculpted or stained, is available in a vast array of colours, and is one of the cheapest materials to select from. As a natural material, it ages very well and is low maintenance, making it suitable for use in domestic and commercial spaces.

Where to buy unique timber furniture

In SHOP by Blink Living, we stock a variety of timber designer furniture, so whether you’re after an entertainment unit, side table or coffee table, we have your dream selection. Brands such as Kastillo, GlobeWest and Kolbi are each known for their differences but produce recognisably great timber pieces amongst the market.

For example if you are searching for an organic and petite side table, we recommend the Kastillo ‘Ripple Side Table’.

Or alternatively if you are needing an elegant and bespoke buffet unit for storage but have aesthetic features, we recommend the GlobeWest ‘Zephyr Woven Buffet’.

Additionally if you are sourcing a duo matching side table that pronounce curves, our team recommends the The Kolbi ‘Forest Sister Side Table’.

Choosing the perfect furniture

As timber is popular in many interior design styles, there is an array of designer timber furniture available to purchase from. What determines the impact of this furniture in your space, is how it is styled and complimented. It is important to understand the design style your timber furniture relates to and the mood it creates due to its colour. For example, oak timber can create a more airy, casual atmosphere whilst darker woods often convey sophistication and warmth. To style your timber pieces, our designers recommend layering with textures whether that’s through rugs, cushions and curtains.

Design trends come and go, and thankfully for timber it is set to portray luxury, quality and style for years to come. Always remember, timber doesn’t have to be limited to old, traditional furniture and dining tables. Timber is an incredibly versatile material that can be used in various creative and contemporary ways in your life and interior design.


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