Finding the Right Outdoor Furniture: Tips & Tricks

Outdoor furniture is just as crucial as indoor furniture but often gets overlooked. This can be due to several reasons, such as uncertainty about how to furnish the space, the best outdoor furniture materials, budget constraints, not understanding the impact of weather conditions, or assuming all outdoor furniture is unattractive. However, choosing furniture for your outdoor space that matches your personal style doesn’t have to be difficult, and we are here to simplify the process for you.

Outdoor Furniture Materials

Understanding the climate of your property is a crucial factor in selecting outdoor furniture. If you live in a humid area like Noosa, moisture can lead to mould, mildew, and rust. In such regions, choose durable materials like aluminium, teak, and synthetic wicker that resist these issues. For areas with direct sunlight, UV-resistant materials and fabrics are essential to prevent fading and deterioration. Consider using outdoor furniture covers or placing furniture in shaded areas.

In regions with significant temperature fluctuations, materials can expand and contract, leading to cracking or warping. Teak, cedar, and wrought iron are better suited for handling these changes. For coastal properties with salty air, marine-grade aluminium and powder-coated metals are ideal as they resist corrosion.

Additionally, in windy areas, such as high-rise apartments, opt for heavier materials like wrought iron or securely anchor lighter furniture. By understanding these climate factors, you can select durable and weather-appropriate outdoor furniture for your backyard and specific conditions.

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Once you have determined the right material for your outdoor furniture, it is essential to maintain it properly to ensure it lasts for years and looks as good as new. For instance, wood furniture requires regular cleaning, sealing, and occasional sanding. Metal furniture needs cleaning, rust prevention, and periodic paint touch-ups. Plastic and resin furniture should be cleaned and protected from the elements. Diligent care of your outdoor furniture, just like your indoor pieces, will keep it looking fresh and inviting for use.

Functionality plays a significant role in choosing outdoor furniture. Decide if your outdoor space would benefit from a dining table or a lounge area. Consider two tables if you entertain frequently and require modular configurations to adjust the layout for guests. In smaller spaces, such as a two-bedroom apartment, you may need to opt for a smaller dining table to accommodate the scale of the area. Ensure that your outdoor furniture aligns with your lifestyle, complements the space’s scale, and offers versatility to suit various purposes.

Finally, there’s aesthetics. Some believe that all outdoor furniture lacks style, but that’s not necessarily true. You might not be exploring the right options. Here are some top selections curated by our designers, available for purchase directly from SHOP or through our in-store designers.

Quality Outdoor Furniture

Allegra Outdoor Sofa Chair from GlobeWest

RRP $1,950

Removable covers which can be washed. Aluminium powder coating legs which is suitable for salty air, mould, mildew and rust.

Mauritius Island 3 seat sofa from GlobeWest

RRP $6,295

Removable covers which can be washed. Aluminium powder coating legs which is suitable for salty air, mould, mildew and rust.

Saconca Dining Chair from La Forma

RRP: $259

Galvanised steel chairs are more resistant than common steel but need appropriate care. Removable covers that can be washed.


Now that you are aware of the possibility of having both stylish and practical outdoor furniture, your shopping journey just got simpler. If you still need guidance and expert opinions on purchasing your outdoor and indoor furniture pieces, reach out today for a personalised furniture package with our skilled team of interior designers. Call us at 07 5455 5015 or email