Guide to Bathroom Interior Design: Make It Your Sanctuary

Bathrooms, spaces we all possess and frequently utilise, can sometimes be overlooked in terms of decoration due to concerns about clutter and impracticality. While decorating is not a necessity, it contributes to a more complete home environment and has the potential to significantly enhance your mood upon entering the room.

Add Small Decorative Elements

Start your bathroom renovation by adding small decorative accents and elements.

Towels can introduce a vibrant pop of colour or texture, serving as both a practical bathroom item and a form of decoration.

Candles are perfect for setting the mood and infusing warmth, with the added touch of elegant glass and packaging to impart a luxurious feel to the space.

Consider incorporating stylish soap bottles, like those from Saya (available to purchase from our SHOP), to introduce a touch of luxury while maintaining practicality.

Experimenting with different bottles or containers can elevate the space and achieve a well-styled look in the bathroom.

Even items like toothbrush holders can serve a decorative purpose, making the space both practical and aesthetically pleasing without appearing overly staged.

Small bathroom interior design with gold detail, pink basin and neutral tile

Use Versatile Items

Adding to the previously mentioned decorative elements, interestingly enough, soap bars are frequently overlooked yet can function as versatile items. They serve both as decorations and for their intended purpose while imparting a delightful scent into the room.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Another method to enhance your bathroom is by incorporating natural elements such as potted plants or flowers, introducing organic features that soften the space.

Lighting is also crucial for bathroom aesthetics, whether achieved through pendants, wall sconces, for the specific type of light bulb chosen for downlights. One of the most timeless bathroom ideas is adding windows to let in the natural light.

Introducing creative storage solutions like a chic towel rack, decorative baskets, a double vanity or floating shelves not only improves organisation but also adds character to the space.

Bathroom inspiration | Blink Living

If you have already decorated but feel the room is still dated or you desire a more impactful change, consider upgrading fixtures and hardware when doing your bathroom renovations. This includes faucets, cabinet handles, and toilet paper holders, providing a quick and impactful design enhancement. It’s a cost-effective upgrade that doesn’t require a full remodel yet can significantly improve the overall look of the space. 

Additionally, upgrading shower screens and curtains, and adding wall art, if possible, can truly elevate the room and alter the visual appeal with just one change. Consider incorporating


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