Holiday home furniture packages: Simplifying your escape

Whether your vacation retreat is a coastal haven for family getaways, an investment property for Airbnb, or a collaboration with a boutique holiday home agency, it is a significant commitment. Acquiring a beautiful home with ocean views, nestled in scenic forests, or located in sought-after tourist destinations like Hastings Street in Noosa, is just the beginning. Transforming it from an empty investment property into a well-furnished space, curated with quality to ensure visitor comfort, is an important process.

We recommend seeking the expertise of an interior designer specialising in furniture packages when furnishing a new entire home. At Blink Living, we offer comprehensive furniture packages ideal for outfitting your holiday home. Whether you have started the furnishing process and need our assistance to complete it or your property is entirely bare, requiring everything from kitchen appliances to TVs, coffee tables, living room furniture, washing machines, and soft window furnishings, we have got you covered. Let’s delve into the details so you can explore your options.

Holiday Home Furniture Packages Option 1

Suppose your holiday home is partially furnished with pieces you have earmarked for the property and wish to incorporate. As part of our service, we provide a complimentary site visit where our skilled interior designers assess the space, considering your existing furniture and determining what additions are needed to complete the space. During this visit, measurements are taken, room configurations are discussed, and we delve into your budget, any constraints, and your desired timeline.

Our interior designers craft a service offering based on the initial meeting, outlining the requirements for each room. We then embark on sourcing from our diverse range of reputable brands, many of which are featured in our SHOP. Our approach involves finding items that not only complement your existing furniture but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your living space, all within a reasonable timeframe and budget. Once our designer completes the initial inventory, we present it to you, engaging in a collaborative process to finalise the selection until you are fully satisfied. A deposit is then required to initiate orders from our designers.

The selected furniture is delivered to our warehouse, where it undergoes careful inspection before being seamlessly installed in your home on the designated installation day. We handle all aspects of the installation, including styling and the removal of any rubbish. In the event of delays with certain pieces, we work diligently to expedite their delivery, ensuring the completion of the packages. Ultimately, your once-empty holiday home is transformed into a beautifully furnished space, combining your existing furniture with our curated designer pieces. This process ensures an enjoyable and effortless escape, allowing you and your family to create new memories in a stunningly appointed home.

Holiday Home Furniture Packages Option 2

Another scenario you might find yourself in is the purchase of a holiday home, potentially even one located interstate, to turn it into an investment property available for rent through a boutique agent. However, the prospect of selecting an entire house of furniture and managing the logistics, especially if frequent travel is involved, may seem overwhelming. This is precisely where our turnkey and coordinated furniture packages prove invaluable, streamlining the process of completing your holiday home.

The fundamental steps, including complimentary site visits,  proposal fees, inventory creation, and installation days, remain consistent. However, with a turnkey package, during the inventory phase, we discuss and determine the smaller items you require. As an illustration, in a turnkey package inventory, we may initially source a Dyson hair dryer. However, upon the clients’ preference for allocating those funds toward a more advanced vacuum, we readily accommodate their request. This flexibility ensures that the final inventory reflects your precise needs without causing any hassle. On installation day, we meticulously unpack all accessories, furniture, and appliances, styling them in their designated spaces. This way, you can seamlessly resume your daily routine while we finalise your holiday home, making it ready for listing with a holiday rental agency.

Opting for furniture packages proves to be an excellent strategy to eliminate the hassle of selecting, delivering, and installing furniture items in your entire home. This process can be an additional workload on top of your daily commitments. What’s more, with furniture package deals, you benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable interior designers who carefully curate products based on their functionality, ensuring they are well-suited for your space and complement your unique design style.


Beyond furniture packages, we also offer turnkey home packages and property styling services. So, if you’re looking to create the perfect space with one of our furniture packages, get in touch with our designers today at 07 5455 5015 or via email at