First Avenue Coolum Beach

Styling the dream property

Blink Living collaborated with Century 21 to style and furnish a three-bedroom, three-ensuite apartment featuring two living rooms. 

Emphasising a modern aesthetic was crucial to align with the apartment’s newly crafted design, while incorporating subtle furnishings to ensure they complement rather than distract from the stunning view of Coolum Beach.

Selecting designer furniture

Our stylist, Nick Counsell, curated the styling of this apartment, making meticulous use of our exquisite stock from the warehouse. He opted for wooden pieces to uphold a coastal aesthetic that resonates with the property’s location, while also introducing pops of color like orange to enhance the wood and add vibrancy to feature pieces. The furniture choices incorporated a modern flair to mirror the distinctive lifestyle of the apartment, and the strategic use of glass emphasised the spaciousness of the living area.

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Staging key rooms

Given the apartment’s expansive open-plan living area, achieving a distinct differentiation of zones was pivotal. Instead of opting for an L-shaped sofa or two sofas facing each other, Nick deliberately chose occasional armchairs to foster a sense of openness and inclusivity within the space. For zones without a specific ‘purpose,’ Nick aimed to showcase the versatility of the area, illustrating how one could style an office nook within the living room or create a cozy sitting area just before the hallway leading to the bedrooms. This property styling endeavour successfully conveyed an aspirational lifestyle, prompting the new homeowner to collaborate with our team and request a custom furniture package inspired by the property styling configuration but featuring entirely new furniture tailored to complement their design style.


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