One of the most searched terms on Google is ‘Coastal Design Furniture’, but what does coastal mean to you? Coastal design can hold various interpretations, varying based on individual perspectives and preferences.

For some, it may evoke imagery of seashells, blue stripes, and surfboards, while for others, it might resonate more with elements and materials like linen, rattan, and neutral tones.

Coastal design draws inspiration from the natural elements and aesthetics of coastal and beachfront areas. It seeks to capture the relaxed, breezy, and serene atmosphere associated with coastal living to then bring inside a home.

We are very lucky here at Blink to have the wonderful Noosa Beach as our backyard, but you don’t always have to live near the beach to have a coastal interior home. Our designers enjoy blending coastal furniture with other design styles, to match the client’s unique interpretations of coastal design and ensure it resonates with their lifestyle.

Examples Of Mixing Coastal Furniture Design Styles

Boho coastal

Boho style is known for its free-spirited, eclectic mix of patterns, rich colors, and a range of varied textures.

When combined with coastal elements, you get a relaxed, beachy vibe that’s enhanced by boho’s characteristic layers of textiles (like macramé, fringe, and tapestries), mixed patterns, and global-inspired accessories.

Typical elements might include rattan or bamboo furniture and chairs, a mix of tropical and desert plants, and an array of natural and colorful textiles.

Rustic coastal

Rustic style emphasizes raw, natural materials, and a handcrafted feel. It brings to mind rural life and nature.

In a rustic coastal setting, you’d expect to see weathered woods, timber furniture, natural stone, and perhaps some hand-forged metals. The beachy elements come in with colors (soft blues, sandy beiges) and accessories (shells, driftwood).

Furnishings might be simpler and more rugged, giving a sense of a beachside cottage that has seen many seasons.


Hamptons coastal

The Hamptons style is named after the collection of upscale seaside communities on Long Island, New York. It signifies luxury, elegance, and a luxe coastal lifestyle.

Colors are usually soft and muted, with a palette that includes whites, neutrals, and cool blues and greens.

Furniture and décor lean towards the classic and sophisticated side, with clean lines, plush upholstery, and high-quality materials.

Accents of natural wood, glass, and stainless steel are common. The overall feel is breezy and bright but also polished and refined

Noosa Interior Design natural materials and textures

Shopping Coastal Design Furniture

So where does this leave you if you are shopping for coastal design furniture? Our designers suggest beginning with exploring your personal interpretation of coastal design and identifying the elements that resonate most with you. This can be the textures used, the colour palette followed, or even the design style you enjoy mixed with coastal.

Narrowing down your ideal aesthetic will ease the process of selecting pieces and the design team at Blink Living is here to bring that look together for you. If you are looking to style your property and/or convert it into a Turnkey Home, Make sure to contact Blink Living to speak to one of our designers. You can also visit us in our SHOP

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