Southern Residences Sunrise Beach

Styling the dream property

In this project, we teamed up with Black and White Projects to beautifully style their renovated property listed by Suter Smith Cleine. This duplex, both units styled by Nick Counsell, underwent renovations from January to August 2023, gearing up for the market. Our team had the delightful opportunity to participate and speak at the ‘Design Your Dream Home Event’ organised by Maria from Black and White Projects. During the event, Nick and Jess shared insights into the property design process involved in styling this house for sale, showcasing our expertise in interior design and decoration.

Selecting designer furniture

This residence embodies a delightful Hamptons coastal-inspired interior design, making it imperative for our furniture choices to resonate with this aesthetic. The target audience for this home is a family keen on indoor and -outdoor living, seeking to bring the coastal ambienceambiance indoors. Nick carefully curated designer furniture, ranging from linen sofas and rattan occasional chairs to oak timber bedside tables. To enhance the coastal charm of the designer furniture, Nick also chose accessories that amplify the Hamptons appeal.

Staging key rooms

Achieving the indoor and -outdoor living objective was crucial for this property. Choosing outdoor furniture that is both practical and visually appealing was imperative, especially as it’s visible in the main areas of the home and seamlessly connected to the living and /dining zones. The master bedroom posed a significant task due to its expansive size. Nick effectively utilised the space, crafting a snug corner with an occasional chair and a small console unit adjacent to showcase the bedroom’s potential centred around the king bed.


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