Why modern designer furniture is worth the investment

Designer furniture is known for elevating and expressing personality into a space but often there is hesitation to invest due to the price attached. Our Blink Living team of interior designers and property stylists believe designer furniture is worthwhile and we are here to share the advantages.

Why designer furniture is worth the price

We have all heard the quote ‘You Get What You Pay For’, and that is exactly right relating to designer furniture. Lower quality means greater wear and tear, whereas designer furniture uses the best available materials and is often made by hand, meaning they won’t need to be regularly replaced. Due to the art and craftsmanship involved, many pieces produced are in limited quantities making each piece unique and inherently more valuable withholding its value for many years. The desirability for designer furniture also remains strong due to the functionality and consideration of ergonomics when designing the piece. An example can be the comparison between a low-end office chair with no back support and a designer office chair, constructed to support the spine using highly durable quality materials.

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What makes designer work modern furniture

Now you are aware of the advantages of purchasing designer furniture packages, our team is here to help you determine what is modern. Designers specialising in modern furniture often experiment with new materials such as metal, plastic, glass and engineered wood. Modern designer furniture also strongly emphasises functionality and ergonomics compared to fast furniture designs. Ways to determine modern compared to other design styles is the minimal designs, consistent clean straight lines and neutral colour palettes used. Our team thought it’d be a great idea to expand on historic modern designer furniture that has shaped the interior design industry. Our favourite iconic contemporary furniture pieces include the Eames lounge chair, Barcelona chair, Noguchi coffee table, Ghost chair and the Le Corbusier sofa.


Amongst the design community, it is a well-known fact that quality and style over-lives trends which is why our team is always ‘for’ designer furniture. If you are ready to dive into the field of designer furniture and want to furnish your home with stylish hand-picked pieces contact our designers on 07 5455 5015 or email info@blinkliving.com.au