What to look for when you choose a bedroom furniture package

Furniture packages are trending, and if you’re interested in exploring the intricacies of a bedroom furniture package, we’ve got you covered. While our furniture packages extend to outfitting your entire home, here’s a guide to what your bedroom package might entail. Starting from scratch is often the simplest approach, but if you have significant features like a cherished bedhead or specific bedding you wish to preserve, our skilled designers comprehend the importance of retaining those personal items and incorporating them in your next suite or new design.

Choice of Bedhead

Our designers tailor their selection based on the client’s brief and overarching design style. For a practical and streamlined appearance, they opt for a bed base, a 5-star hotel-grade mattress, and a slipcover bedhead. This provides the flexibility for clients to change the headboard colour, allowing them to restyle the room while keeping the focus on the bedding scheme and surrounding items rather than replacing the entire bed frame. Depending on the client’s preferences, we have also chosen bedheads such as coastal-inspired wooden arches, boucle designs, just as an example to show alternative options to a slipcover bedhead.


The significance of bedding extends beyond personal comfort; it plays a vital role in enhancing the aesthetics of the room, making it appear lush and inviting. Our bedding ensemble typically includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet, and standard pillows. To elevate the pillow arrangement, we may incorporate either four standard-size pillows or opt for European pillows, depending on the client’s preferences and the envisioned bedding scheme. Following this foundation, our designers usually choose from 3-5 feature cushions or a single statement lumbar pillow, tailored to achieve the desired visual impact. Occasionally, our designers complete the ensemble with a blanket or throw, a decision influenced by whether the duvet cover boasts a printed or plain design.

Bedding for Holiday Let

In a holiday rental setting, depending the room’s configuration, we craft a king-sized bed by combining two long singles. This setup offers multiple bedding combinations for guests, ensuring adaptability to the varying needs of different groups staying. Typically, we provide between 2 to 4 sets of bedding, allowing for rotations and replacements, particularly in high-demand rentals or Airbnb spaces.

Matching Bedroom Furniture

Bedside Tables

The choice of bedside tables is highly personal, with individual preferences playing a significant role. Some individuals prioritise the necessity of drawers, while others, dealing with limited space, may opt for a side table/stool. Alternatively, some may prefer bedside tables with shelves. Bedside tables are crucial in maintaining harmony with the bedding scheme and ensuring proportionality in design. Nightstands also serve as an excellent means to introduce diverse textures into the room, highlight specific colours, or amplify the chosen design style.

Nightstand Lamps

Bedside lamps should serve as distinctive features that harmonise with the chosen bedside table. The size of the lamp should be proportionate to both its base and lampshade, aligning with the dimensions of the bedside table. Lamps provide an opportunity to express creativity, given the array of stylish and unique designs available. Leverage this variety to your advantage.

Room Accessories

The choice of accessories can lean towards minimalism or a more abundant display. These items span a wide range, including clocks, books, potted plants, mirrors, prints, and more. Our designers often incorporate artwork above the bed, strategically coordinating the artwork colours into the cushion selection. Accessories like potted plants contribute a lively ambiance to the room, introducing a pop of greenery that can shift the space from a sterile and artificial feel to an inviting and natural atmosphere.

Feature Armchair

Bedrooms frequently have a vacant corner that, while too small for a dresser or mirrors, is still spacious enough to be utilised. A statement armchair serves as an excellent solution to fill such empty corners, creating an aesthetically pleasing addition when paired with a throw, and complemented by a small potted plant or basket nearby.

Bedroom Rugs

Rugs play a pivotal role in giving a bedroom its finishing touch. Interestingly, even with carpeted floors were some think it is unnecessary to have. They have the ability to unify the entire room and provide a sense of cohesion. Rugs are usually positioned halfway underneath the bed and complement various types of bed bases. It’s essential to consider the rug’s material and how it interacts with the bed sitting on top, as this can influence your decision. As a general guideline, bedroom rugs often find a comfortable fit with most bed frames with dimensions around 160×230.


Tailoring to the specific needs of each package, we have the capability to procure a wide array of items such as mattress protectors, pillow inserts, mattresses, valances, and more. Our designers are adept at meeting your unique bedroom style requirements, crafting designs for master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and children’s bedrooms with passion and expertise. For further details on furniture packages, feel free to reach out to our team at 5455 5015 or via email at info@blinkliving.com.au.