Why You Should Style Your Property For The Market?

Property styling has seen a surge in popularity over the years. While it was once an option favoured by a handful of sellers, it has now become an almost standard expectation among buyers to view styled homes. Property styling significantly reduces time on the market, as it allows potential buyers to envision the space’s potential and how it aligns with their lifestyle. Property stylists need to grasp the brief of the target audience and ensure that the furniture and accessories selections complement the potential buyer.

Property Styling for a Family Lifestyle

For instance, consider the ideal family home, situated within walking distance of schools and conveniently close to local shopping centres. Its location is ideal for raising a family, offering ample space that can adapt to changing life circumstances.

As property stylists, we employ different strategies for such clients compared to a middle-aged couple seeking to downsize. In a family-oriented setting, our property styling prioritises family and pet-friendly elements. This includes avoiding white surfaces, incorporating furniture with curved edges, designing gender-neutral kids’ bedrooms, and using durable wool rugs. By catering to these specific needs with bespoke furniture packages, potential families can better envision their lifestyle within the space, enhancing their connection to the property during viewings.

Property Styling for Middle-Aged Couples

Consider our middle-aged couple whose children have moved out, prompting a downsizing decision as they approach retirement. They are drawn to a luxurious, high-end modern aesthetic, free from concerns about wear and tear. As property stylists, our task is to craft opulent bedding arrangements, integrating lavish materials like silk or boucle into our rugs and occasional chairs. Upholstered dining chairs add to the sense of luxury. The styling approach entails minimal yet sophisticated accessories, including mirrors and glass elements to enhance the luxurious ambiance. Details like wine glasses and chopping boards displayed on the kitchen island further reflect their refined lifestyle.

As you can gather, property styling entails more than just adding an abundance of cushions to your bed and sofa. It’s about empathising with potential buyers, understanding their lifestyle, and tailoring our styling to reflect their needs and desires, thereby facilitating a faster sale and leaving a lasting impression.

Property Styling for Holiday Homes

Another scenario we frequently encounter, particularly here on the Sunshine Coast, is individuals purchasing holiday homes in Noosa. Properties situated in beachfront or prime locations like Noosa Beach, Sunshine Beach, and Coolum Beach require a distinct styling approach to evoke the dream lifestyle. While avoiding an excessive coastal theme, we incorporate elements like rattan furniture, jute rugs, and plenty of linen. Depending on the property, we may blend coastal aesthetics with another design style, integrating contemporary touches into our lamp choices, cushions, accessories, and artwork, particularly if it’s a contemporary renovation just moments from the beach.

Property Styling for a Retirement Community

Another recent project we undertook was styling a display home for Greenwood in Forest Glen. With the home slated for open inspections over three months, it was imperative for us to tailor the styling to resonate with the boutique over-50s clientele they aimed to attract. To address safety concerns, we opted to forgo rugs in certain areas prone to becoming trip hazards. Additionally, we adopted a minimalist approach to styling kitchen islands and limited the number of cushions on bedding, selecting just three feature cushions arranged in a simplistic layout. Mirrors and abstract artwork were strategically chosen to infuse a modern boutique aesthetic, while a neutral colour palette was employed to broaden the home’s appeal to a wider audience.


Ultimately, effective property styling hinges on resonating with your target audience. It involves grasping their desired lifestyle, goals, and challenges, and integrating them seamlessly into the staged home. At Blink Living, we excel at customising our property styling strategies to cater to the specific requirements of each buyer demographic. Leveraging both market knowledge and creative ingenuity, our team of skilled stylists craft spaces that effortlessly capture the imagination and appeal to a diverse range of preferences.