What is Home Staging and Why Should You Care?

Home staging is a concept that you may come across when preparing to sell your house. Your real estate agent might introduce you to the idea, or you might have heard about it as part of interior design discussions. Alternatively, it could be a topic that you are completely unfamiliar with.

Home staging involves preparing a residential property for sale with the aim of increasing its appeal to prospective buyers. This can be prompted by factors such as the existing furniture not aligning with everyone’s tastes, rooms not being fully optimised, or simply an investment in a proven technique to expedite the sale of your house. There are also instances where real estate agents and home brokers use home staging efforts as a way to attract potential buyer interest and boost a home’s selling price.

Our professional home stagers are well-versed in identifying the styles that resonate with the market, selecting colour schemes that complement each home, and skilfully styling a home without overwhelming it with clutter.

tiled living room empty before photo, home staging
living room after photo home staging by Blink Living

Additionally, this is a summary of what home staging is and how our stylists operate:

1. Streamlining the environment by removing personal items such as family photos and excess furniture, our team focuses on essentials to help potential buyers envision the space more clearly.

2. Rearranging furniture to optimise the flow of each room and emphasising functional aspects allows our designers to replace furniture with configurations better suited to the space.

3. Adopting a neutral colour palette contributes to a universally appealing atmosphere, aiding potential buyers in visualising their own belongings in the space. Our designers can neutralise vibrant wall colours through furniture and décor, broadening the property’s appeal.

4. Showcasing key features brings attention to the property’s unique and desirable aspects, such as architectural details or scenic views. Even something as simple as adding fresh flowers can add vibrance to the space. When original furniture falls short, having an interior designer ensures the best version of your home is presented.

5. Enhancing lighting by ensuring well-lit spaces, both naturally and strategically, is a priority. During open homes, all the lights are turned on, and our designers ensure appropriate areas are well-lit. Decorative lighting options also contribute to a warm and welcoming ambiance.

white tiled bedroom empty before home staging
white tiled bedroom after photo, home staging by Blink Living

Home staging provides numerous advantages for sellers aiming to enhance their property’s appeal in the real estate market. Recognising the significance of first impressions, professional staging plays a crucial role in creating a positive and lasting impact on potential buyers. By accentuating the property’s strengths and mitigating potential weaknesses, homeowners can effectively showcase its full potential.

Investing in the home staging process is a strategic move, as these well-staged homes are crafted to elicit emotional responses from potential buyers. This approach enables buyers to visualise the space’s potential uses and gain a sense of scale and proportion. A meticulously staged home has the potential to command a higher price compared to a similar, non-staged property. Buyers often perceive a staged home as well-maintained and move-in-ready, justifying premium. Moreover, staged homes typically spend less time on the market. The expedited sale not only benefits sellers by reducing carrying costs, including mortgage payments and maintenance expenses, but it also aligns with the broader trend of quicker transactions in the real estate market.


If you are in need of property styling, working with a professional staging company can make all the difference to make your property stand out in the local market. Our team of professional stagers is more than happy to assist and provide our design excellence to your property. Contact us on 07 5455 5015 or email info@blinkliving.com.au.

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